Copy Space Plugin

Although this plugin was developed by an Atlassian developer it IS NOT SUPPORTED BY ATLASSIAN. Use it at your own risk and feel free to fix bugs in it yourself by cloning the repo from bitbucket. Note that it was initially written in a single day, and has had only occasional maintenance to keep it working since.

Source and Issues


The copyspace plugin allows a space administrator to copy a space, including the pages within the space, but excluding (so far)page history, blog posts and email. The plugin can be downloaded from

Existing Features

  • Only available to Space Administrators (and full admins)
  • Makes a copy of a space, taking the new name and space key from the user
  • Copies the space description
  • Copies the space and team labels
  • Copies labels on pages in space. Personal labels are optional.
  • Copies the current versions of all pages, in their proper hierarchy
  • Copies the space permissions
  • Copies the page level restrictions on all pages
  • Optionally Copies the attachments on all pages
  • Copies the current theme, logo and colour scheme of the space
  • Copies the page templates
  • Copies custom layouts
  • Optionally copies all comments on all pages, leaving their authors and dates intact.
  • By default makes the current user the author of all non-comment content in the copy, and stamps them with now.
  • Optionally uses the original dates and users instead. (Not thoroughly tested for all of the above yet)
  • Provides a link from the copied space back to the original space
  • Copies the space shortcuts, if the shortcut is:
    • page - if it is from the same space, then the new shortcut will link to the newly created page in the new space
    • page - if it is from the another space, then the shortcut will simply be copied
    • attachment - if it is from the same space and checkbox attachment is included, then the new shortcut will link to the newly created attachment in the new space
    • attachment - if it is from the same space and checkbox attachment off, then the shortcut will simply be copied
    • Note: It is expected that shortcuts to Blogs are not copied, as copy space plugin is not meant to copy Blogs
  • Autowatching pages suppressed by default
  • Validation and warning message if space already exists

Current Limitations

  • Doesn't copy between instances (use Space Export instead)
  • Doesn't copy Blogs
  • Doesn't copy Mail
  • Doesn't copy past versions of anything
  • Doesn't copy information stored in pages via the Scaffolding Plugin.
  • Doesn't give a progress bar (Long Running Task) for time-consuming copying.
  • Does everything in one transaction
  • Probably doesn't work for some plugins, eg those that "attach" data to a space in bandana or properties to a page in OS_property.
  • UI still ugly
  • Virtually no unit tests


To copy a space, go to Space Administration, click the "Copy Space" link, fill in the form and submit it.

Required Permissions

Obviously, it would not be good if everybody could copy a space. In order to see and use the Copy Space link, a user must have two permissions:

  1. The global "Create Space" permission
  2. The Administer Space permission on the space to be copied

Open Issues

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