Portal Request View Panel not rendering when used with condition


I am implementing a web-item and a web-panel for Jira Service Desk request view and I have managed to render the panels all fine. Additionally, I have a project property that indicates if the Service Desk request view integration is enabled or not. As a result, I have added an EntityPropertyEqualToCondition to decide if the web-panel/item should be rendered.

In case of the web-item that works as expected. However, for the web-panel it does not. While debugging, I found that the context passed to EntityPropertyEqualToCondition.shouldDisplay(Map<String, Object> context) method does include the Jira project for the web-item, but not for the web-panel. If I understand that code correctly, that’s why it works in one case but not the other.

Is there any specific reason why this does not work for web-panel? Is this something Atlassian could fix?

I have the same conditions in the Cloud implementation and there it works as expected for both.

As a reference the atlassian-plugin.xml looks as follows:

This issue has previously been fixed for JSD Cloud in JSDECO-81.

I have also reported this in the community here: https://community.developer.atlassian.com/t/why-does-entitypropertyequaltocondition-not-work-consistently-in-jsd-request-view/20073




Tobias Binna
September 7, 2018, 8:07 AM

Hi, just wanted to bump this and ask if there is any plan to fix this soon?




Tobias Binna