Make standard button's background a bit darker


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The current button background is N20, which is considered too subtle.

The following changes are recommended by :

  • Change background colour from N20a to N30a.

  • Change font colour from N500 to N600.

Additional changes will need to be made for the various states of buttons:

Speak with to determine whether these values are final and correct before starting work on this story.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not adding the focus ring to the buttons yet. Do not add this focus ring! We will be addressing that in a separate epic: AUI-4497.

We will need to affect "Buttons", "Toolbar1" and "Toolbar2" buttons, and maybe one or two other faux button patterns in AUI.

At the implementation level, we may have already extracted a LESS mixin to cover the basic button styles; the update may be as simple as updating those mixins with the new font-weight.



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Chris "Daz" Darroch


Chris "Daz" Darroch