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The SDK repository is moving, and along with the move we'll be making some changes to how you install the Atlassian plugin SDK and where it is hosted.

As part of these changes, we have decided that it will no longer be possible to install the SDK via apt-get in Debian & Ubuntu distributions. You can find updated installation instructions here. If you already have the SDK installed in this way, and wish to update you should first uninstall the SDK and then re-install it using the instructions provided.

The URL for accessing the Atlassian Plugin SDK install files will remain as and you will also still be able to access the release notes and install files via

Thanks for your understanding and patience, please do let us know if you experience any problems accessing the Atlassian Plugin SDK installation files.

Installing the Atlassian Plugin SDK on Debian & Ubuntu machines

On a Debian based Linux like Ubuntu, you first need to download the package, then unpack and install it via dpkg (requires sudo). You can download it using the URL and a web request service like wget or curl.

To download the package,

  1. Open a terminal window and enter the following (replacing X.X.X with the SDK version number you are going to use):

  2. After the prompt returns and the SDK installer has downloaded, use dkpg to unpack and install the SDK:



Testing Notes

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Mel Paisley
May 17, 2018, 12:17 AM

thanks for letting me know. It looks like there is an issue with RPM, Deb and TGZ file links.

I've raised a new ticket to investigate this at

There is a workaround for now, which is to download via the direct links which are included on the ticket.

Destan Sarpkaya
May 16, 2018, 8:57 AM

I've just installed the SDK on Ubuntu 18.04 with instructions from here:

however I have following error when trying to execute `atlas-update`:

also here is the output of `atlas-version`:

Hua Soon SIM [Akeles]
May 16, 2018, 6:57 AM

Hi Melissa, it is also not possible to execute atlas-update or to download from the Marketplace link at





Mel Paisley