Development license does not work with Connect/on.demand=true


Atlassian Update 20 October 2015

Hi everyone,

This issue has been closed since JIRA Agile is no longer available and JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core have been released. It is now possible to install JIRA Software (which includes the JIRA Agile API) while running JIRA locally via the Atlassian SDK.

To do this, first you need to start your local JIRA instance in Server mode and install JIRA Software. You can do this by running the local development instructions from the Atlassian Connect documentation but do not include the Datlassian.upm.on.demand=true flag!! So you would run a command like this:

(refer to the docs for the latest command)

Then go to Administration > Applications > Versions & licenses. JIRA should say that JIRA Software is licensed but not installed. Simply click the "Install" button to install JIRA Software. You can also install JIRA Service Desk by clicking the "Try it free" button under JIRA Service Desk on the right hand side.

Once JIRA Software is installed, shut down JIRA (cmd+D in your terminal if using Mac). Finally, restart JIRA using the full documented command, including the Datlassian.upm.on.demand=true flag. So it would like this:

(again, refer to the docs for the latest command).

Once JIRA starts up, you should have full access to JIRA Software APIs.

I understand that this is a bit of a workaround. We will be releasing improvements to the SDK commands and default data to simplify this in the near future.

Dave Meyer
Product Manager, JIRA Ecosystem

When we run atlas-run-standalone with on.demand=true, we cannot install Jira Agile. We tried from the 'Add-ons' tabs (find new add-ons) but the button 'install' is hide for the Jira Agile add-on. When we want to install it via a scrum project creation, we obtain the error: An unexpected error occured when trying to install JIRA Agile.

We use this command:

atlas-run-standalone --product jira --version 6.3-OD-08-005-WN --bundled-plugins com.atlassian.plugins:atlassian-connect-plugin:1.1.0-rc.3,com.atlassian.jwt:jwt-plugin:1.1.0,com.atlassian.bundles:json-schema-validator-atlassian-bundle:1.0.4,com.atlassian.upm:atlassian-universal-plugin-manager-plugin:2.17.2,com.atlassian.webhooks:atlassian-webhooks-plugin:1.0.6 --jvmargs -Datlassian.upm.on.demand=true

We use atlassian plugin sdk 5.0.4

I guess other people have this problem because this message:!topic/atlassian-connect-dev/Epsvf92b-fA




Travis Smith


Séverine Darlot