Add ability to open jira Edit Issue dialog from AC-Addon


I would like to be able to launch Edit Issue dialog from my connect addon. I see that you recently implemented openCreateIssueDialog: and similarly I want to have openEditIssueDialog(callback, issueId) function.
callback should get edited issue as parameter.




Daniel Franz
4 days ago


Kamil Richert
4 days ago

Hi ! Thanks for raising it. Yes, please create another issue for that to have better visibility on the problem and easier to track it.

Daniel Franz
4 days ago

Thanks for shipping this. Much appreciated.

There is a bug I would like to direct your attention to: Clicking on an issue link (e.g. in the “Linked issues” or “Subtasks” panels) in the modal opens that issue behind the modal. I.e. the modal keeps the current issue but the page in the background loads the clicked issue, thus replacing our Connect app’s project page. Not good. Not good at all.

Expected behaviour: The clicked issue opens within the Bento modal, replacing the current issue. Or it opens full-page but then please target=”_blank”.

I’m hoping this is an easy and quick fix. Also happy to file a separate issue if that’s better?

Dmitry Astapkovich
April 15, 2021, 9:11 AM

I guess we are to check the changes on our own.

Kamil Richert
April 15, 2021, 9:09 AM

Hi !

Referring to the documentation the callback will be called once the dialog is closed. The callback get a single parameter, either issueKey or, if the issue dialog isn't opened, an error key.



Szymon Rybka


Volodymyr Krupach