As an app developer, I need to be able to validate my app's rate limit response handling


A rate limiting guide was recently added to the Jira developer documentation. See

The guide indicates that rate limit testing should not be performed against the Atlassian production environment due to the potential customer impact.

Marketplace Partners, however, need a means by which they can test their handling rate limit response. Several solutions may be feasible such as providing a separate environment that will not impact customers or a library that partners can run on their own infrastructure.

Note: There is an equivalent request for Confluence:




Lukasz Zachulski
10 hours ago

Yes. We know it’s used in a way that doesn’t comply with the new limits by default we excluded com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner from new rate-limiting.

This way, for the time being, it sticks to the old rules. Unless we noticed something really alarming which force us to turn off the permissive rule for com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner in the context of certain Jira instances.

Jon Bevan [Adaptavist]
11 hours ago

@Lukasz can you let me know if com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner is also temporarily excluded from the new rate limiting?

Lukasz Zachulski
12 hours ago

I’ve turned off more permissive rate-limiting for instance in regards to com.k15t.backbone.backbone-issue-sync application.

Matthias Gaiser [K15t]
15 hours ago

@Lukas: Yes, I’m speaking about com.k15t.backbone.backbone-issue-sync. We’d like to test our rate limiting changes on next week.

Lukasz Zachulski
6 days ago

If we are speaking about com.k15t.backbone.backbone-issue-sync we have an option to gradually include an application per instance.

That way if you could provide us with the name of the instance you would like to use for testing purpose we could make sure the default rate-limiting would be applied.




Dugald Morrow