Allow apps to read Jira data and time settings


Our customers keep requesting us to respect Jira date and time format setting in our apps, however, there is no API available for apps right now.

There are at least two places where Jira admin can configure date and time format:



At the moment there is /rest/api/3/application-properties REST API, however according to docs: “Apps cannot access this REST resource.“ The payload contains all the setting an app would need in order to respect Jira date and time format settings, i.e.:

to render correctly date and date time pickers:



and others to properly display data and time fields:



  • dafault: dd/MMM/yy h:mm a - respected in old Issue View when “Created“ field is displayed, however not respected by the New Issue View

  • default:dd/MMM/yy - respected by Queues displaying “Created” field


I have found also a note:

“Issue date/time fields show a relative instead of absolute date/time format. For example, "Yesterday" would appear instead of "20 May 2013 12:00 PM". You can still see the absolute date/time by hovering over the field. The date/time format reverts to absolute after a week.“

I couldn’t find a setting for that on cloud, so I am guessing that a relative time should be displayed for the first week


apps affected (Cloud):




Maciej Dudziak [Deviniti]