Add new locations that allow adding menu items to the "..." menu in the queue page



It would be great to have the following locations and capabilities for the JSD queue:

This feature request includes 3 smaller requests which are correlated:

  1. A new location so that vendors can add new menu items for an SD queue. (See the attached screenshot.)

  2. A new location so that vendors can add a new button for an SD queue. (Also see the shot.)

  3. A new Atlassian Connect context parameter which allows injecting the queue ID to the URLs that are generated for the web items in point 1 and 2. Vendor's example: if I look at the queue ID=1234, then I expect the URL's linked by my custom button or menu item to include this ID.


From vendor:

The use cause is simple. We're working on the cloud version of our highly popular PDF and Excel exporter apps. The server/DC version of these allow exporting issues from the queue screen, but in those version we can implement this with Javascript magic. This trick is not feasible in cloud, as our logic runs in a separate iframe, therefore we need the standard solution.

Please note that these request are totally generic, so any app that wants to integrate to the Service Desk UI will benefit from these.

Counterpart in JSW:




Anne Calantog