Jira REST API should support dashboards and gadgets



From vendor:

We are working on a Connect app that would export Jira dashboards.

It may not be obvious, but this is a rather hard problem that we successfully solved in Jira Server and Data Center (samples). Those, combined with automation, are very super-popular features in our app.

Now we are looking into this also in Connect. And there is pretty much zero support for that in the Jira REST API.

We'd need something like these (minimally):

  1. the ability to plug-in our menu items to dashboard menus (it may already be possible, not sure)

  2. the ability to get the ID of the current dashboard (it may already be possible, not sure)

  3. the ability to get every sort of info about a dashboard (most importantly, getting the gadgets in it)

  4. the ability to get the HTML of a given gadget

  5. the ability to get the backing data of a given gadget (e.g. the Burndown Chart gadget is drawing the chart in the client-side, so getting the HTML is not very helpful)






Anne Calantog