Allow apps using OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant (3LO) to be distributed to all users


You can now make your apps, using OAuth2 Auth Code Grant (3LO) Public; i.e. grants can be authorized by any user on any Jira Cloud site.

You need to create a ticket in DEVHELP to request the ability to distribute your app. It is a manual approval process so please allow several business days.

We are calling this a Beta, because we are aware that there are some rough edges in the experience which we'd like to fix. So we will stay in close contact with all developers, via the ticket you create, to receive your valuable feedback and also work together if we make any changes that may impact your app.

When you register you will be asked if you store any user personal data sourced from Atlassian. If you answer yes to this, you are expected to implement App User Privacy Requirements

Once approved we will turn on the feature flag to allow you to access the Distribute tab in, you must add Vendor name and a valid URL to your Privacy Policy and we recommend also adding Terms of Service and Contact details. Once this info is entered your app will become public and be installable by anyone/anywhere.

Listing in Atlassian Marketplace is not required for 3LO apps. However, you can list in Marketplace by going through the normal Marketplace app publishing, and making the selection My app is not directly installable. This will allow you to provide instructions on where to find and install your app.

All the best with your app. The Atlassian ecosystem team are excitedly looking forward to watching your apps take-off!

To keep informed and be notified when available please watch this ticket.




Anmol Agrawal


Bruce Carney