Possible issue with basic auth


I have recently rewritten the Confluence Cloud Getting started tutorial, and apparently cannot get basic auth to work as expected. In addition, others cannot reproduce what has worked for my user(s).

Affected tutorial: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/getting-started/
PR to address clarifying docs issues w/basic auth: https://bitbucket.org/atlassian-developers/docs/pull-requests/193/issue-dac-1734-conf-new-look-updates/diff

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Registered a dev instance (two actually because one didn't successfully load for 10+ minutes), both provisioned on Jun 19. One had ADG3 by default, the other did not.

  2. Set up Cloud9 workspace w/prerequisites mentioned in tutorial (linked above)

  3. Followed steps and created credentials.json and then ran into issues:

    • Originally: tried the recommended admin / password used to create the dev instance. Returned 401

    • Tried various combinations of email address / admin / password used to create dev instance with no luck. All resulted in 401

    • Reset my becka.wtd@gmail.com AID password to contain only nine numbers/letters and then used admin and new AID password, which resulted in success (previous attempts with a longer password w/special characters resulted in failure). Somehow I'd saved this password in my manager as "Bitbucket password", which is likely the one I used when signing up for the Atlassian Account. I don't recall doing this, which led to additional confusion on my part.

I repeated this set of steps again later with my second instance. However, this same combination doesn't appear to work for other users. See the various comments on the PR.

What I'd like to confirm:

  • Is the use of admin and AID password expected to work for basic auth? If not, what is expected (see Andrew's comment in the PR)?

  • Should we document this the way that I've described it in the updated guide?






Becky Todd