Client key does not change on import / exports


Exports now include the clientKey from old instances.
Imports will copy the client key into the database, to be supplied on future requests

Connect add-ons can now break easily as they may start seeing two base urls for the same 'unique' key




Thuan Tran
July 4, 2019, 1:03 PM

Thank you very much Dave. I’ve already raised this question over there, unfortunately it falls out of the Atlassian Support Offering.

I’ll try to ask again in the Atlasssian Community.



July 4, 2019, 7:36 AM

Hey Thaun Tran,

This project is specifically for cloud versions of Atlassian products and developers of 3rd party cloud applications.

Have you tried reaching out to support through

Thuan Tran
July 4, 2019, 3:35 AM

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response.

We are facing the issue with Jira Server version 7.6.1 and duplicate clientKey issue confuses our integrated system because it distinguishes Jira instances based on that key.

Do you happen to know the ETA on fixing this issue on Jira Server (not Jira Cloud)?

I would be very much appreciated if you could suggest any workaround for the clientKey alternative to do the server identification.

Thank you

July 3, 2019, 11:18 PM

The fix is in Cloud which is always at latest where ever you are you do not need to worry about server version

Thuan Tran
July 3, 2019, 9:33 AM

Hi Dave,

This issue occurs on Jira Server version 7.6.1. Could you please give an insight as to which version it has been fixed for Jira Server please?

Thank you



Bartlomiej Lewandowski